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Dr. Ellema Albert Neal is President of start-up Forerunner Coaching Advisory Group. Forerunner represents coaches, clients, and advocates for the coaching industry by objectively guiding the client/coach engagement lifecycle. Forerunner specializes in personal touch matching and advisory services offered with education, tools, and resources. 

Dr. Neal is an internationally published scholar-practitioner, author, speaker and coach. She has been a community leader, transformational minister, and elected local official.

Her latest project is the launch of a new book series, In a Perfect World, and the Vitality Modality™ system. 

Dr. Neal plans to utilize Forerunner’s transpersonal, leadership, and transitional coaching and education footprint to strengthen and embolden the truth consciousness in men. Dr. Neal’s professional life as a woman in male dominated industries who worked closely with admired men, leaders, and mentors, uniquely qualifies her to support men in their efforts to self-actualize and embrace a truer divine masculine within. 

Dr. Ellema Albert Neal holds a Doctor of Education in Leadership for Change degree from Fielding Graduate University with a concentration in Phenomenology, Somatics, and Communicative Leadership Practice. Her dissertation, A Phenomenological Case Study in Coaching Client Abuse was the impetus for creating the Forerunner Coaching Advisory Group. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership from Union Institute & University, a Computer Programming & Systems Analyst Certification & Degree.

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Cheryl Jones

Wellness Expert and Author of Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg Is Cracked: A Mindful Journey.

In a Perfect World answers the call to elevate our consciousness at home, at work, and in society. Grounded in research, Dr. Neal illuminates a pathway championing men in their growth and transformation process.


James Knight, Founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga, Author and Movement Educator

Dr. Neal’s In a Perfect World  invites the empowered man to engage in a process of self-sensing for integration and inner transformation. This book is for anyone who wants to explore an authentic expression of himself as a consciously evolving man.

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Stephen Dynako

Founder of Social Chrysalis and author of The Self Aware Lover

Dr. Neal emphasizes with great power and compassion that for men in this age, personal transformation is not easy but is absolutely and undeniably worth it, for the evolution of self and soul.

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