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As the industrial-information age comes to an end, an era of evolving consciousness is beginning to emerge. In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with Self, serves as a springboard for men to take a journey that leads to self. The first book in a trilogy, this volume will help you rediscover, come to know, and love yourself more deeply. You will call on the powers of witnessing, alchemy, and creativity to change your life and shape a new reality.

188 pages


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"... Neal shows how one can cultivate vulnerability and transformation through a process of “conscious evolution,” which she calls “the game that aims to awaken, inform, and recall to life.” The book insightfully supports its conception of healthy, sustainable masculinity; it doesn’t seek to demonize men but rather to lift them up by challenging them to become aware of their egos and how they interact with the world. It’s a fine self-help resource for men “to incorporate other ways of being.” -- Kirkus Reviews (full review)


About the author

Ellema Albert Neal, Ed.D., is an author, coach, and technology leader. She earned a Doctor of Education in leadership for change with an emphasis on phenomenology, somatics, and communicative leadership from Fielding Graduate University. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in leadership from Union Institute & University as well as a computer programming and systems analyst certification and degree. She is an internationally published author who has served in leadership positions across a variety of secular and non- secular communities and Fortune 500 corporations.

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