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Dr. Ellema Albert Neal has joined the faculty of the Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Network, All Life is Yoga Program!

The All life is Yoga program is a Unique coming together of Facilitators from different parts of the world, to share insights and practices for living a life of Self-discovery, Mastery, Wholeness from the still center of your being. To make everything one does, an occasion for living consciously

Foundations in Consciousness Studies: Theory, Mindset, Practices, and Career

with Dr. Ellema Albert Neal

Course Description: 

This course is for change makers who are considering a transformational self-improvement program, advanced degree, or career in consciousness science. You appreciate that human consciousness is the fabric of all human experience, interactions, systems, and social structures. You want to understand how you will be better off knowing about and applying consciousness study to your personal development, academic, and professional career(s).


Upon completion of this course you can: 

  • Understand and practice three foundational pillars in consciousness science study

  • Be able to explain how conscious evolution shapes human identity, business, community, culture, and society

  • Connect consciousness science with personal growth, advanced degree programs, and careers

  • Benefit from integrating consciousness science into daily life


Students who are...

  • Familiar with the USA's history, literature, film, and culture

  • Embrace Western and Eastern indigenous socio-spiritual philosophies and cultures

  • Have a basic understanding of human organizational development and social theories 

...will benefit most from this course


Available November 22, 2022.

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