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  • Why does the In a Perfect World book trilogy have an FAQ?
    This FAQ is a companion for readers of In a Perfect World books. Ancient wisdom traditions, awareness practices, and new philosophies are becoming more mainstream, however, many people are new to the words and concepts that describe them. There is no single way to explain metaphysical consciousness. This FAQ explains the author's perspective regarding ancient wisdom and spirituality. The intention of the FAQ is to introduce readers to the terms used in the series.
  • When does the 21st Century start and end?
    The 21st (twenty-first) century is the current century in the Anno Domini era or Common Era, tracked in the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 (MMI) and will end on December 31, 2100 (MMC).[1] The 21st century is the first century of the 3rd millennium.
  • What is the Age of Consciousness?
    The Age of Consciousness is happening now. It is also known as the Aquarian Age. It has been available since the great seers and luminaries announced it was at hand. The vibrational frequency of any age waxes and wanes over 2,100 year periods. Since the Earth has newly entered the Aquarian Age, the trajectory is intensifying. The author created a model for the Age of Consciousness to describe a shared vision taking shape in the 21st century. The Age of Consciousness model describes open mindedness and an embracing of ideas; the explorer mindset that rejects conquest for the sake of ownership; seeks to understand and not to possess; to reason without the need to agree or disagree; to search, to understand, and to empathize with love and compassion. It is the first step away from duality and toward the gray areas of polarities and pluaralities. It is an important step toward unity consciousness.
  • What is Akasha?
    Akasha (Sanskrit ākāśa आकाश) means space or æther in traditional Indian cosmology, depending on the religion. The term has also been adopted in Western occultism and spiritualism in the late 19th century. The earliest known usage dates to the 8th century Islamic era, primarily in the Arab-African region. Akasha is derived from Al-aqash, or the etheral divinity of the elements. The name was reserved for royalty in northeastern African nations and modern day Arab territories. In many modern Indo-Aryan languages and Dravidian languages the corresponding word (often rendered Akash) retains a generic meaning of "sky."
  • What are the Akashic Records?
    The Akashic Records are the collective energetic experiences of anything that has ever lived. They are accessible through the ether. The sum of all past, present, and potential futures are encoded in the records. The records are a living, ubiquitous, energetic repository of individual and collective existance. For example, Individual human beings have records, planets, including Earth, have records. The records are accessible by anyone with pure intention and desire to read them.
  • Who are some well-reknowned Akashic Record readers?
    Edgar Cayce, American psychic and clairvoyant, was world renowned for his ability to reach trance states that enabled him to access the Akashic records of individuals he treated for a variety of ailments and infirmities. Ernesto Ortiz, artist, author, healer, and teacher whose work is grounded in Shamanism, wrote two books about his experiences accessing the Akashic Records. He offers practical advice for aspiring Akashic Record readers. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, is a philosophic and practical basis of the religion of the Aquarian Age of the World and of the Church Universal, transcribed by Levi, from the Book of God's Remembrances, also known as the Akashic Records.
  • What is Conscious Alchemy?
    The classic alchemist is “one who was versed in the practice of alchemy. The philosopher's stone was a legendary alchemical substance believed to hold magical powers. The blood-red stone was used to create the Elixir of Life. Those who drank it were made immortal. Ancient alchemists were believed to transform ordinary metals into gold and other precious metals. Conscious alchemy is concerned with the the transformation of matter into spirit; human to divine. A conscious alchemy of the soul might first Identify the elemental building blocks of the human being, deeply understand the composite mind, body, and spirit; learn to deconstruct the whole into meaninful parts; then uplift each element until something new and marvelous appears.
  • How does attachment affect the Soul?
    Attachments are sourced from the illusions of senses and ego. Attachment is a source of karma. For Hindus, the liberation of the soul from re-birth requires the elimination of all karma; therefore, to avoid further karmic accumulation, the ego must be transcended, and all attachment must be resolved. The human brain is hard-wired for attachment, as well as expectation of reward for effort. Neuro-scientist and researcher Danah Zohar has provided scientific evidence for how detachment from ego attachment might be physiologically and psychologically possible through meditation practice when the practitioner reaches the 40 Hz zone.
  • Who is Sri Aurobindo Ghose?
    Sri Aurobindo Ghose, prolific writer, yogi and sage produced volumes of work that described his vision for a consciously evolving humanity, where supramental consciousness descends as mankind ascends to manifest divinity in man and matter. The author became aware of conscious evolution from his philosophy and writing. Sri Aurobindo "charmed" the author while she was in an Akashic trance state, writing her first book, Paradise Trees: On Earth as In Heaven. Over time, Sri Aurobindo permeated her life and work, becoming a focus area of her academic study interests, as well as an inspiration for this book and trilogy. There are many interpretations of what Sri Aurobindo explicitly meant by supramental consciousness. His writings unfold over volumes, articles, and thousands of written pages that do not lend themselves to quick definitions. Aurobindian scholars debate the meaning of Sri Aurobindo’s words infinitum. Dr. Neal offers her interpretation, that the supramental consciousness is a domain available to sentient consciousness that ascends and descends between Truth consciousness (also called the Supermind) in order to manifest the Divine consciousness in matter. The essential question, who is Sri Aurobindo Ghose, cannot be answered by one person. To learn more about his life and legacy, travel and visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashrams in India or visit their website. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the utmost, trusted authority, and resource for his writing and legacy.
  • What is Auroville and where is it located?
    Auroville is the namesake city of Sri Aurobindo Ghose. It is an international experimental community supported by the Indian government and UNESCO, dedicated to the realization of human unity. Auroville was founded by Sri Aurobindo's spiritual partner, Mirra Alfassa, also known as the Mother, in 1968. The city is located in Tamil Nadu, India. The Charter of Auroville has four points that guide the material and soulful life of its residents. Dr. Neal created a collage of Auroville to capture some of her experiences visiting the city. Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo's photographic images appear in the center. The golden dome, Matrimandir, marks spiritual center of the city. Dr. Neal appears in the bottom right, photographed after visiting Matrimandir for the first time. Charter of Auroville 1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville, one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness. 2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages. 3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realizations. 4. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity.
  • Who are Aurovilians?
    Aurovilians are the citizens of Auroville. There are organizations around the world of former residents, early founders, and those, like the author, who consider themselves Aurovilians in spirit. To be an Aurovilian was written by Mirra Alfassa. It describes the material and soulful qualities of Aurovilians. The Mother's writing, To be a True Aurovilian was published in 1971 and can be found at Find current census data for 2021: The highlights of the 2021 census were: Aurovilians, Newcomers, To be Newcomer, and their children. Summary: Adults: 2638 Female: 1318 Male: 1320 Children: 667 Female: 335 Male: 332 Residents: 3305 Nationalities: 60
  • What is cosmic bliss?
    Bliss is among the supernal abilities of knowledge, light, love, life force, volition, and bliss. The supernal abilities operate on a plane of finer frequencies that at some point, after a concerted conscious evolutionary effort, becomes common human character. Cosmic bliss is thought of as a god-like state of being. Conscious evolutionists grow in the Spirit and emerge into the Godhead, illuminating into a true consciousness beyond duality to possess the cosmic bliss. It is the ulitmate state of human consciousness and existance. To possess the cosmic bliss, the ego must be purified so that it is able to encounter the immortal soul within, allowing the fully aware consciousness to step into humanity's divine, immortal, birthright.
  • Who can build a cosmic bridge?
    Cosmic bridges are bridges only you can build. They are used to manifest the divine version of selves. Unlike ordinary bridges connecting two points, cosmic bridges begin by connecting simultaneous realities. When you cross the bridge between the second and third, a newly visible, next reality appears. The conscious evolutionist extends his or her bridge and dares to cross to the next, and to the next, and to the next.
  • What is conscious evolution?
    Conscious evolution is a process where humanity participates in the diversification of itself as a species. One process involves transforming consciousness using consciousness. This process, inspired by the work of Sri Aurobindo Ghose, is the one explored in a perfect world trilogy of books. At this time, a single theory of conscious evolution does not exist, however, a foundation of knowledge grounded in academic discovery is growing. The John F. Kennedy School of Psychology at National University offers a Master of Arts in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. The California Institute of Integral Studies, Center for Consciousness Studies, founded in the 1950’s, is committed to the exploration of the nature and potentials of human consciousness. It is the first university to offer doctoral programs in consciousness studies. The curriculum includes Integral and Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling. Conscious evolution is a growing topic, with luminaries Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, David Cohen, Ray Kurzweil, and others among the ranks who generally agree that human intelligence, culture, and technology have created the possibility for human beings to intentionally participate in their own evolution.
  • What is a Consciousness Atom?
    Dr. Neal created the consciousness atom to assist conscious evolutionists in their efforts to witness their own consciousness. It is a metaphorical philosopher's stone for the modern day Soul Alchemist. By combining duality, polarity, energy, catalyst, and attraction we create a consciousness atom. The consciousness atom is a visualization technique that can be used to gain perspective and observe how you operate in dynamic human relationships on every level: within, with others, and with all. As conscious beings, we have access to many different levels of consciousness. Among the prominent levels are ego-consciousness and soul-consciousness. The ego operates in a field of relativity that is temporary and subjective; the soul consciousness operates in the objective field that is absolute, ubiquitous, and illimitable. The consciousness atom is a tool that articulates the forces at play, and the paradox of situations that occurs when the soul and ego operate in duality. Self-awareness neutralizes the fixative power of ego protectionism. The consciousness atom helps to visualize the potential outcomes that result from behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and actions that create an imbalance between the ego and soul. The consciousness atom is a model that demonstrates the power of witnessing to master challenging situations objectively.
  • Is cause and effect a natural law?
    Cause and effect, or determinism, is central to Newtonian physics theory. It is not considered a natural law because if it were, the entire destiny of the Universe would be unchangeable. Cause and effect is a theory. It has transcended beyond the physical sciences into lived experiences (social sciences). Causes and effects involve proportional relationships, so that small changes in original conditions create consistent changes in rippling effects. Outcomes unfold predictably from initial conditions and unpredictably due to multiple traceable, interacting events. Strategic scenario planning, artificial intelligence, and data science modeling provide an impetus to evolve beyond a cause and effect worldview, as it is ineffective for predicting disruption, tectonic change, and cataclysmic events.
  • What is a conscious evolution strategy?
    A conscious evolution strategy is one that deepens selfknowledge and self love in fulfillment of inner truth. Although these strategies include scientific and philosophical elements, there is no power strong enough to prepare a soul to recognize itself (see Alchemy of the Soul) unaided by the Spirit-breath. Strategies for awakening the spirit consciousness that sleeps in every soul may include practices to channel the supernal abilities to invite and welcome the divine consciousness into awareness. The practice areas shared in the first trilogy book are not exhaustive or exclusive of any other conscious evolution strategy. What makes them stand apart is that they engage the ego and soul consciousness into witness awareness for the purpose of purification, contemplation, and sacred thought. Thought is the greatest power in heaven and earth. The seven essential practice areas Dr. Neal recommends, fold into a person's existing self-care and personal development regimen. Practitioners are encouraged to find the soulful intent behind each practice, rather than following them literally and with rigidity of thought. 1. Integral Yoga & Education 2. Meditation 3. 21st Century Worldview Awareness 4. Paradigm Shifting 5. Reflection, Intentionality, and Witnessing 6. Conscious Alchemy 7. Accountability and Coaching
  • What are three egoic tragedies?
    Craving, darkness, and ignorance are three egoic tragedies that are considered the root of human suffering. They are high-ranking members of the Shadow Force, a counter-creative polarity of anti-energies that limit and prohibit the flow of human creativity and life force leading to physical and spiritual death. The ego is subject to the influence of both light and shadow. Ignorance corrupts truth; craving perverts connection, and darkness warps light. Craving, darkness, and ignorance are an interchangeable and interconnecting trio of forces emanating from a collective shadow. The effects poison the mind, pervert the heart, and taint behavior. The aura of mal intent targets the life force of self and others,and gravitates toward activities that feed upon the fruits of fear, lack, and unbelief.
  • What is creativity?
    Creativity is perhaps life’s greatest mystery. God is the master creator, the author of life, the cosmic dreamer. If humankind was created in God’s image it is evident in humanity’s ability to create. Creativity is the ability to intuit the probability of alternatives that have not yet come into an observable realization on any level. Once the realization becomes “materialized,” we marvel at the origination. Quantum physics states, all things are capable of existing in the realm of probability and are drawn down and manifested in the material worlds in an active motion we call creativity. Meta-physically, creativity is an intelligence, a consciousness, and energetic field. Not to be confused with pro-creation which is the biological process for creating life, creation is the intelligence that makes something like pro-creation possible. Creativity does not express itself more in females than males because the female of the species gives birth. Giving birth is a function of creative energy. Consciously evolving men and women have equal access to the field of creative force, energy, intelligence, and power.
  • As human life consciously evolves, can death consciously evolve?"
    Conscious evolution is not limited exclusively to the concerns of living. It extends beyond earthly life, challenging the ingrained belief that death is the inevitable end to life. It is a bold vision. Those who explore the idea do not shy away from the unthinkable. Conscious evolution is the domain of unthought ideas. The third book of In a Perfect World Trilogy explores the author's vision for how life and death can evolve in parallel.
  • What is divine masculinity?
    Divine masculinity is the purest form of truth found in men. Divine masculinity is a primoridial state ably described in words, actions, and thoughts. Education and conditioning helps raise awareness of what divine masculinity is, but it is acquired by asking and serving divine consciousness. It is revealed from within and expressed outwardly. When a human being comprehends the fact that God is he, and he is God, he will know that all the powers of God are within him. The divine masculine man is a master mind, who has overcome fear and unbelief. When he has turned fear and unbelief upside down, and speaks the intentions of the divine consciousness, his masculiity is divine with power to create with a spoken word.
  • Why do people resist detachment despite its spiritual and humanitarian benefits?
    Detachment is often viewed as a disassociative, unfeeling, uncaring state. Human beings are social creatures whose brains are wired to attach to other human beings, and to expect reward. Scientific studies from Pavlov to Bowlby have proven that attachment is human nature. The stages of grief often misinterpret the role of detachment as a coping and healing mechanism. Both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions prescribe detachment as the essential element to prevent the accumulation of new karmic debt that allows being in the world but not of it. Detachment is a sticking point between what it means to be human or divine. People are not only reluctant to detach from wealth, rewards, praise, and those they love, their resistance is neuro-networked into their brains from birth. Detachment can be realized when the brain oscillates in the 40 Hz zone. The human brain may be hard-wired for the expectation of reward, but it also contains an escape hatch. Meditation can open the hatch. Meditation liberates the mind from sensory perception and opens a gateway to the inner witness and truth—the neurological basis for detachment, like attachment, is an inborn state. With continued practice and awareness of both inborn states, human beings can learn to value and love others and life with impermance.
  • What is duality?
    Duality is a mental construction used to explain opposites, such as good and evil or black and white. Situations that appear black and white are often more complex. If black is the absence of color, and white is a spectrum of color, then neither black nor white exists. Dualism is also a metaphysical paradigm to describe a separation between God and man, matter and spirit, ego and soul. Technologically speaking, the ego might be considered a form of artificial intelligence: a digitally simulated neuro learning network. Being a dualistic processor, it decides what to embrace or avoid, what to like or dislike, what is good or bad.
  • What is ego?
    The individual ego collects life’s phenomenological experiences to create an ethereal copy of personal agency. The ego grows as it develops, much like a snowball that grows as it rolls down a hill. Freud’s Ich und das Es, the Ego, and the Id, conceived the ego as an individual’s coherent organization of mental processes. Consciousness attaches to the ego, and ego controls the motility from which all constituent methods discharge.
  • What is empathy?
    Empathy can be an essential intrapersonal, human expression of love and acceptance; it may also be a source of deceptive directing. Deceptive directing of empathy occurs when someone adopts an opinion or belief as their own when in fact, their life experiences have no basis in forming the opinion or belief. A person empathisizes with the beliefs of someone else, because of their relationship with that person and not on actual lived experience. Deceptive direction of empathy was a primary force at work in Nazi Germany and the genocide of the Jewish people. For transformational phenomenologists like Edmund Husserl and Edith Stein, interpretation between the foreign and the embodied “I” is where empathy lives. Husserl described the embodied “I” as psycho-physical unity experienced within a living body and within one’s own inner psychic experience. For example, I cannot experience your body as my lived body, at least not genuinely. I cannot perceive a foreign body or ego in the place of my body and embodied ego. For this, I must enlist a form of subjective, imaginative expression called “empathy.” Another renowned phenomenologist, Alfred Schutz, said that empathy is a method of interpretation that affords the individual translation of the self within informal rituals of social assimilation. By observing the “other” in a social context, the acclimated individual finds its form. The empathetic “sense” does not rely upon a conscious, step-by-step procedural flow. Instead, it depends upon conscious awareness of others as a model for one’s behavior. Empathy, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad; it is an awareness of consciousness that connects individuals into common cause, behavior, thought, and experience.
  • Who is Entoptic Man?
    The word, entoptic, is the physiology of visual sensation resulting from structures within the eye. Entoptic Man is the personification of the Age of Consciousness. He is symbolic of the physical, mental, and emotional embodiment of the vital witness-observer consciousness who participates in the new age with the power of seeing. Unaided by the spirit-breath, human intellect solves problems within sight, and nothing more. The senses, especially sight, bring images of temporal, impermanent objects to mind, and we apply our intellect to what we perceive with our senses. This is why the nuance of spirit escapes us, rendering us incapable of comprehending its laws. The soul, aided by the spirit-breath, is capable of tearing down the veil, to transform sight toward the discernment of spirit consciousness. Entoptic Man comprehends that there is no power of the intellect that will provide even a glimpse behind the veil. The Entoptic Man is the first to acknowledge life on a soul level and who will realize the unity, oneness, and the whole of material living that pulls us into an evolutionary future.
  • What is epiphany?
    The word epiphany has different meanings but in many regards all meanings are interrelated. Epiphany is to the mental and vital consciousnesses what orgasm is to the physical body. It can be a tranformative, sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something. Epiphany can also mean breakthrough in scientfic, religious, or philosophical discovery. Epiphanies often accompany human peak experiences. Peak experiences are moments of transcendental self-actualization. The word epiphany is also used to describe the appearance of a divine or supernatural being.
  • What is biological evolution and how is it different from conscious evolution?
    Human biological evolution is a mature science-based theory to describe distinct periods of physical form and functional progression. Theoretically, the advance of human beings began six million years ago with the appearance of the first hominid Orrorin Tugenensis. Other early human forms between the first hominid and the present Homo Sapiens were Ardipithecus Ramidus, Homo Erectus, and Homo Neanderthalansis. Charles Darwin’s non-secular point of view was that species survival is genetic. New species inevitably evolved that were more suited for survival than those that had already perished en masse. The evolutionary cycle continues indefinitely. It may consume millions or tens of thousands of years for a given species to disappear and new species to emerge. Sri Aurobindo was ten years old when he learned of a biological evolutionary theory. He remarked that science had discovered a physical evolution hidden in the earth’s history as genetic embryos containing life’s records. His divine inclination was to propose that evolution was an outward sign of spiritual growth. For him, the moment of hominid species origin is the love story of the Universe, that instant where the intense forces of matter, life, and consciousness exploded under pressure and released a new form of existence: the human being—the living embodiment of a mental consciousness vibrating in the atomic matter. Biological evolution is concerned with the material transformation of beings as they adapt to physical conditions in the environment over time. Conscious evolution is the intentional adaption of the intellect, volition, and spiritual aspects of consciousness that is theorized to either spontaneously, instantaneously, or ultimately lead to the transformation of matter.
  • What are chakras?
    A chakra is a wheel of energy associated with the physical and subtle bodies. Various chakra systems exist ranging from 3 to 7 to 12 chakras. The seven chakra system pertains to the physical body with seven major and 21 minor chakras. The minor chakras are located at points where prana (energy) cross 14 times. The seven chakras, although located in the physical body, can access beyond the physical realm into the astral, causal, and pure consciousness layers. The seven bodily chakras are located at the base (root), sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead, and crown. The twelve chakra system is an alternative system that exists outside of the physical body but within the ethereal or subtle body. It consists of one Earth chakra, located below the root chakra and four transpersonal chakras. They are the soul star chakra, the stellar gateway, universal gateway, and divine gateway. The 8th chakra is the first of transpersonal chakras. It is the gateway that connects the human body to divine oversoul. The word oversoul does not mean that the soul exists above the body, rather it is a layer of consciousness within, from out, and surrounding a tethered physical being that exists independently of its tethered being.
  • What is the 8th Soul Star chakra?
    The 8th soul star chakra is the first transpersonal chakra that connects you to your soul's journey, serving as a bridge to higher energies in the Universe. According to April Pfender's book, The Complete Guide to Chakras, The 8th chakra contains information about your soul's eternal blueprint. It is the template from which you pull your physical incarnation, depending on the soul's contracts, needs, wants, and lessons you wish to accomplish in our lifetime.
  • How are the Consciousness Atom and 8th Soul Star Chakra related?
    The Consciousness Atom constructs five interrelated dimensions of human awareness and activity into a cohesive and understandable perspective. It harmonizes embodied self-awareness into the inner God-image or Sri Aurobindo’s supramental consciousness, and crests the transpersonal 8th Soul Star chakra. The Consciousness Atom is a model, conceived by the author to serve as a visualization and perceptual practice of discernment occurring externally and internally. It offers insightful awareness that a person can apply to his life, privately and publicly, and in a non-judgmental way to safely navigate the journey between humanity and divinity.
  • What is a force?
    A force is anything that changes the momentum of something else. Gravity is a force of nature that cannot be overcome without the aid of other forces, lift and thrust for example. Forces are invisible phenomenon with visible effect.
  • What are the Coptic gospels?
    The Coptic gospels are synonymous with the Gnostic texts re-discovered in the 20th century. The Coptic gospels contain 13 books, among them Mary, Thomas, James, Judas, and others. All were excluded as heresy by Irenaeus c. 125-202, a Roman Catholic Bishop and student of the Polycarp, c.69-155. The Polycarp had reported access to the Disciple John while he was alive. The Coptic gospels were discovered by an Egyptian peasant near the village of Nag Hammadi in 1945, and soon after were made available in the Western hemisphere. The Coptic gospels are sometimes associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls, known as “Q” for Wadi Qumran, the caves of discovery in 1956. Both sets of texts augment the text found in the New and Old Testaments, yet both finds do not appear related or from the same time period. The earliest version of the New Testament, known as the Codex Sinaiticus was hand-written in Greek by four unnamed scribes during the reign of Constantine the Great in the mid-fourth century. Constantine was the Roman emperor who ended the murder and persecution of Christians. The transcription occurred approximately two centuries after the longest living disciple John died. Irenaeus proclaimed Thomas’ gospel heresy circa 180 AD. Therefore, the written text that is now known as the Gospel of Thomas was circulating during the same time the Canonical Gospels from the original Codex were being compiled. This establishes the frame of reference for the authenticity of Thomas’ gospel. For centuries the Roman Church withheld direct access to the Bible from the common people. The Bible did not appear in any native language of the people until Martin Luther, a former Roman Catholic monk, translated the New Testament into German in eleven weeks. Luther collaborated to create a German translation of the entire Bible published in 1534. Over the centuries, believers and seekers have begun to access a wider variety of original sources and varying perspectives in virtually all languages that at one time were hidden or forbidden from public view. During the 1st and 4th centuries truth seekers were martyred for believing in the crucified Lord. Over time, the Roman Church and its annexes executed, took the wealth and banished countless people whose beliefs or spoken words fell outside of the line of their accepted Biblical translations. First the believer was labeled a heretic then suffered fatal consequences.
  • What is an intrapersonal relationship?
    Intrapersonal relationship is another way of describing the relationship one has with oneself and within oneself. The intrapersonal relationship includes inner conflict: the age old drama of man against self, which is essentially a battle between truth (the soul) and ego.
  • What is human unity?
    Human unity is an ideal where all beings participate in a harmonious concord of diverse peoples, beings, and cultures for the common progress and advancement of peace, unity, and prosperity for all participating members. Humanity is the central unification property of human unity.
  • What are life forces?
    Life forces comprise the creative experiential-expressive plane. They are the basic building blocks of experiential expression: to know, be, act, feel, and explore. These are the primary ways human beings collectively and uniquely experience and respond to life. Unlike the five senses that physically perceive the environment and receive an external stimuli, life force is the foundation for the complete palette of human endeavor that includes everything from farming to philosophy, language to mathematics, meditation to space exploration.
  • Define masculinity
    If you look up masculinity in the dictionary expecting to find a meaningful description of what masculinity is, you will be disappointed. Popular dictionaries describe masculinity as the quality of manliness. What then, is manliness? Is it simply the opposite of womanliness? Do not cry, do not show emotion, do not, do not...perhaps the greatest opportunity lies ahead. When gender identities are questioned, challenged, and reimagined, what we will we find?
  • What is the basic premise of meditation?
    Meditation is essentially a cognitive exercise. Unlike prayer which involves awareness of and communication with third-party entities, meditation is a form of exclusive communication with the transcendent self.
  • Who is the Mother Mirra Alfassa?
    The Mother, Mirra Alfassa is Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual collaborator whom he proclaimed his spiritual equal. She founded Sri Aurobindo's namesake city Auroville, the City of Dawn whose reason for existance is to realize human unity. Before founding Auroville she ran the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, the largest ashram in India where she created Integral Education which is practiced in Auroville and is gaining ground in India and beyond. The Mother is considered a deity by some of her aspirants. She lived a prolifically abundant and creative life as a visionary and futurist. She had the uncanny ability to manifest vision into words and then into reality, accomplishing her crowing work in Auroville while in her 80's. Her ability to manifest from spoken and written words qualifies her as a divine shakti.
  • What is Integral Education?
    Integral education is a pedagogy that honors a child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual personality. It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps the child to manifest that within him, which is uniquely his, leading to increased satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally, and internationally. Integral education's aim is to impart an education that looks beyond the frontiers of formal education. It is, in fact, a preparation for lifelong learning. Integral education was developed for children but applies for all ages and stages of learning. The body of academic study and literature is growing on the subject of holistic, integral education models, giftedness, leadership, and application in secondary education and adult learning. The author dedicated a good portion developing her undergraduate study into doctoral praxis in India visiting integral schools observing and studying the process. Parents, children, and students are actively involved in educating themselves along with the children. This aspect of integral education sets it apart from all other forms of pedagogy.
  • Who is the Nuclear Man?
    In a Perfect World's Nuclear Man is based upon Henri J. M. Nouwen’s classic work, The Wounded Healer. Nouwen introduced the nuclear man as a fragmented, disassociated, a modern-day protagonist who found himself broken and in great need of healing. He laments his own creative powers teetering toward self-destruction. The direction, meaning, and purpose that could light his soul are out of reach. As fatalistic as the nuclear man’s life seems, his future is far worse. His future may not exist at all. Nuclear Man's mindset that peaked in the 20th century and is clinging for life in the 21st Century Precarious Reality. His days are spent walking a tightrope, blindfolded. He has no purpose of his own. He derives his identity and self-worth from the socio-cultural and economic trappings of society. He is aware of other's suffering but realizes that his own security relies upon that same suffering. The more others lack, the more there is for him. His mind spins with cognitive dissonance over his ill-gotten lifestyle. His justifications are endless. Deep within the cavern of his existance is a chimera of truth longing for self-actualization and outward expression.
  • What is an OOBE?
    OOBE is an out-of-body-experience. These experiences can be arrived at in any number of ways either intentionally or unintentionally. The author has experienced numerous OOBE's in her lifetime. Most of them are unintentional, some have been intentional. The first OOBE the author experienced as an adult changed her life forever. She travelled to the edge of the material Universe with her grandfather who would pass away two weeks linear time after the OOBE. He went beyond the membrane that separates physical reality from what's next. Before he vanished, he urged, "First, you must evolve," as a response to her attempts to follow him beyond the divide. She has spent the rest of her life trying to do, just that. Many people who have had OOBE's, near death experiences, and kundalini awareness openings report that their perspective on life dramatically transforms because of these experiences.
  • What is the precarious reality?
    Self-worth, cognitive dissonance, social stratification, depersonalization, and cause and effect define the 21st century precarious reality. It is a world view characterized by patriarchial command-and-control power structures that peaked in the 20th century but is soaring toward its inevitable ending and conclusion in the 21st century largely due to its own foundational falicies. Self-actualization, an essential quality of human beings to express the essence of humanity fully and truthfully is the gateway from which the Nuclear Man can traverse into a new age of consciousness. Self-actualization is the only essential mindset that transfers into socio-cultural awareness of the new age. The other qualities, that essentially rely upon scarcity, lack, and the suffering of others are shed, in much the same way as a snake sheds his skin. For this reason, self-actualization is considered the bridge between the precarious reality and the new age of consciousness.
  • Who is the psychic being?
    Integral educators hold space for a specific entity called the psychic being. The psychic being is an individual and unique projection in spacetime. It is one among infinite possibilities of supreme origin arising from the entirety of manifestation, unlike human archetypes. By a progressive development over lifetimes, the psychic being becomes aware of itself within the context of human existential consciousness. This being is independent of the body and the circumstances of life. The psychic being is separate from mental formation such as gender, the language one happens to speak, the habits and customs of the environment in which one lives, the country where one was born, or the era in which one lives.
  • How does quantum theory converge with the New Age of Consciousness?
    An enigma of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. Broadly, quantum theory allows particles to be created and destroyed and requires only the presence of suitable interactions carrying sufficient energy. Observation, therefore, may be considered to exist as an energetic field, capable of interacting with particles on the quantum level. For this reason, the power of observation is the hallmark of Entoptic Man, who may grow in consciousness to discover new horizons of observation as energy in the New Age of Consciousness.
  • Who is the Original Self?
    The original self is the inner witness and truth that is ever-present and ever-aware. It is aware but never affected or altered.
  • What is the shadow force?
    The shadow force is the counter-creative polarity of anti-energy that limits and prohibits the flow of human creative experience and expression. The qualities of this plane are ignorance, craving, inertia, darkness, and death. This shadow force provides negative feedback to the life force dimension.
  • What are somatics?
    Somatics is the study and practice of sensory-motor awareness. Soma is an ancient Greek word for the body. Thomas Hanna, founder of the Novato Institue for Somatic Research and Training was a pioneer in the field of somatic or sensory-motor awareness. He believed that the stess of living in urban-industrial age is a significant cause of somatic amnesia that contributes to aging. The effects are cumulative. Over time, the human body becomes increasingly stiff and inflexible. Hanna developed a series of somatic exercises designed to amplify conscious awareness of bodily sense, motion, and tension.
  • What is spontaneous order?
    Spontaneous order is to social scientists what self-organization is to sync theorists. It is the phenomenon of order emerging from chaos. Entoptic Man’s lived experience begins with a quasi-union of space-time observed in the cosmos and is also at work in conscious human perception of reality today: I am the observer and the observed. As are you, all I, I exist in a kind of union that preserves many independent and interdependent realities. All stand ready in the form of suspended potentiality, waiting to emerge until enough people look and something appears.
  • What is the Supermind?
    Sri Aurobindo's The Synthesis of Yoga is a codex of conscious evolution where a complete conception on the nature of Supermind is written. Simply put, Supermind is a plane of consciousness whose fundamental nature is identity and oneness. All that it sees is itself and in itself, all things are knowable as itself. The author's conception of the original self is a primitive layer of awareness in the image or template of Supermind. The Supermind is to the Universe as the Original Self is to a human being. It is both witness and truth of everything knowable as itself. Through awareness practices such as a yoga the original self reveals self-similar fractals of Supermind, in comprehensible increments, unique to the practitioner. It is an essential construct of conscious evolution practice that begins with knowing oneself.
  • What is the supramental consciousness?
    Sri Aurobindo wrote volumes describing a vision for consciously evolving humanity where the supramental consciousness descends as humankind ascends to manifest divinity in man and matter. The supramental being is more than a mental being with a highly evolved spiritual personality. The being Sri Aurobindo envisioned grows in the Spirit and emerges as the Godhead, illuminating into a true consciousness beyond duality to possess the cosmic bliss. There are many interpretations of what Sri Aurobindo explicitly meant by supramental consciousness. His writings unfold over volumes, articles, and thousands of written pages that do not lend themselves to quick definitions. Aurobindian scholars debate the meaning of Sri Aurobindo’s words infinitum.
  • What is the Twin Emanation Plane?
    The twin emanation plane is the playing field of the ego and soul, the cosmic plane where ego and soul interact, conflict, align, learn, and grow.
  • What is the trinity of transpersonal awareness?
    The In a Perfect World series of books is designed to invite readers into relationship with themselves (intra), with others (inter), and with all (trans). The trinity of transpersonal awareness is transformation, transcendence, and transfiguration. Identifying with the transpersonal trinity is the ultimate destination of the trilogy.
  • What is the Vital Plane?
    The vital plane is the domain of intellect, identity (ego), power, volition, emotion, and life force energy. The vital energies can move in multiple directions simulaneously. The vital energies are essential prana or life force, but vitality can express itself in terms of light, null, or shadow.
  • What is the witness consciousness?
    The witness consciousness is that part of the original self that sees. It is a non-judgemental witness of Akashic agency.
  • Why practice yoga?
    According to Sri Aurobindo, the object of Yoga is to raise the human being from the consciousness of the ordinary mind subject to the control of vital and material Nature and limited wholly by birth, death, and time, and the needs and desires of the mind, life, and body to the consciousness of spirit. Spirit, free in its self and using the circumstances of mind, life and body as admitted or self-chosen and self-figuring determinations of the spirit, using them in a free self-knowledge, a free will and power of being, a free delight of being. Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is synonymous with a phase of conscious evolution.
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