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In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with Self


Game and play as metaphor set the stage for a new game where the object is to evolve in consciousness. Players of this new game are less concerned with the rules and more concerned with the paradigms at play. I share the epiphany of my lived experience as a researcher when I discovered first hand that the soul perceives lived experience transcendentally while the ego perceives the same experience situationally, and at times traumatically.  

chapter 1 – The Game

Chapter 1 begins with an inquiry into five dimensional states of human existential consciousness and three intersecting human relationships. Readers are introduced to a novel, pragmatic way for considering and engaging consciousness by creating “consciousness atoms” to intentionally navigate between existential states and relational interactions to enable creative and alchemist ways of being. 


chapter 2 -Why the Game is Played

Why the Game is Played, deep dives into the self-help transformational genre for how it can assist in personal transformation. Men share key motivations for achieving lives of greater impact, love, and expression; why this is important for them, those they care about, and the collective all. The impressions of contributing men who participated in a transformational modeling exercise of the 21st Century Precarious Reality are shared. Their impressions inspire and fuel others’ motivation to grow beyond the limitations of predominant, hegemonic, worldviews. 

chapter 3 – What Game are we Playing?

What Game are we Playing? explores the transition into a new age of consciousness in men’s reactions to a model for the new age. Readers are invited to model a potential age of consciousness online. The men take a closer look at their relationship with themselves and how this differs from self-examination, judgement, and flaw correction. The steps to transition from intrapersonal projection, deflection, and repression are outlined using phenomenological writing techniques (instruction is provided). Men who followed these steps and did the work share case studies.

chapter 4 – Who is Playing?

Who is Playing? is a step-by-step guide for making a shift from ego to the original self as is the witness and truth. The phenomenological experience of becoming game piece, player, and game is pursued using a paradigm called the consciousness atom (introduced in Chapter 1) as a vehicle. Guidance is provided to construct energetic intentions that when put into practice, strengthen the witness consciousness. These new skills are used to further articulate and express individual beliefs of the soul, conditioned and suppressed shadow qualities, and the liberating energies that together clarify who is playing, with what, and for what reason. A new level of self-knowledge that can be applied to everyday life situations is expected to follow.

chapter 5 – Playing the Game

Playing the Game synthesizes the knowledge, case studies, and guidance provided in the first four chapters into a step-by-step transformational strategy for men to begin the process of intentional self-instruction and self-direction to fulfill powerful efficacies, their unique purposes, and achieve lasting legacies. Readers will be given exclusive access to pre-order an initial offering of the Vitality Modality™ App, and an opportunity to share personal insights and stories in the next volume of the Trilogy, In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with Others. 

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