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In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with All

In this volume we deeply explore the trans personal (man-to-all) relationships across five dimensions of existential consciousness (know, be, act, feel, explore). The relationships that exist across domains of community, humanity, sentient beings, planet, and God as Source are explored. We will use a variety of contemplative, reflective, somatic, phenomenological, and transcendental practices as our platform for discovery. Readers will integrate the new level of self-knowledge achieved from the intrapersonal work in Volume I, Man in Relationship with Self, the interpersonal work from Volume II, Man in Relationship with others, to expand their awareness into the realms of the collective all using the Vitality Modality system as a framework for creating new and exciting trans personal aspects of themselves in relationship with all. Readers can expect to continue on a path of growth, discovery, bliss, connection, and awe, as they consciously evolve and transcend from the precarious reality of the 21st century into the new age of consciousness. 

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